Friday, May 7, 2010

Ibiza at Hotel Andaluz

After a long, tough week at work you deserve a cocktail. Sometimes you need tequila poppers and bar food and sometimes you need a fancy martini and want to feel like a VIP. If you're looking for option number two, Ibiza at Hotel Andaluz is a great choice.

Picture a rooftop patio overlooking the city, the pink sunset on the Sandia mountains and beautiful people sipping beautiful drinks. This is what you'll find during happy hour at Ibiza. (Note: The beautiful people here are not the "beautiful people" you'll find at ridiculous places like Imbibe. Ibiza caters to the downtown professional types. The popped collar and ghetto folks aren't the clientele.)

The specials tonight included $4 drafts, $5 well drinks and $6 Pomegranate Cucumber Martinis. Now I know that sounds strange but the martini was crisp, refreshing and just tart enough. We also moved from the patio to sit at the bar and were pleasantly surprised by the great service and enthusiastic staff inside as well.

Later in the evening Ibiza also doubles as a nightclub. More research on the nightclub aspect coming soon.

If you want to go a little more low key Andaluz has an open lounge area and cabana seating in the downstairs lobby. The lounge is open during the week and the cabanas can be reserved for special occasions. These are great for small groups. It's a quiet, intimate setting where you can actually hear the person sitting next to you. They also offer entertainment in the lounge. Check out the schedule here.

All in all, I'm really impressed with Hotel Andaluz and Ibiza. I'll definitely be recommending this for future outings.

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