Monday, May 3, 2010

annnnnd we're back.

Spring is here (sort of…. we won’t count that snowstorm this past weekend) and therefore happy hour has returned! There was really no good excuse for its disappearance, and we all had plenty of happy hours in those dark winter months…. I really have no good excuse for my ten-month blogging absence.

Anyhow, I was inspired to revive Happy Hour 505 after visiting Nob Hill Bar and Grill last week between the hours of five and seven. My group of three enjoyed 6 drinks and our tab was a mere $16. I decided I must return for further research with my co-bloggers, MG and Mirevj. Unfortunately, our adventure led us here:
Being Monday, we ventured across the street to Mirevj’s familiar Monte Vista Fire Station. I’ll be honest- I’m not usually a huge Monte Vista fan. When I’ve been there at night, it’s usually dark, crowded, and too loud to carry on a conversation. Today, though, the bar was empty when we walked in just after 5:30. The sunny, quiet open space was perfect for catching up over 75 cent tacos (a special every Monday). The bartender made me a delicious margarita while Mirevj played it safe with a Shirley Temple and MG enjoyed a Blue Moon. After a margarita, three Blue Moons, two Shirley Temples, and ten tacos, our bill came to $22.

Verdict: Monday Happy Hour at Monte Vista = success. Hopefully we'll make it back to Nob Hill soon....


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