Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slate Street Cafe... Where the Food is Expensive and the Waiters are High....

To begin our little adventure, it was a Friday evening and hanging out with Mama E was the best thing to do for HH (which is always very fun). My lovely team member MistaG came with and we ventured off to Slate Street Cafe.

The ambiance is great, you walk in and think... this place will be expensive.

We sat down, (Mom, sister, MistaG and me) and our waiter approached... he had a crazy little look in his eye and a smile that was a little too droopy. After a confused exchange, we finally ordered some wine and a couple appetizers.

I didn't notice at first, but after we ate, MistaG pointed out eyes that were a little too low and he had a laugh that came a little too quickly...

My $14 pasta was okay and the Malbec served(and recommended) by our waiter actually was tasty... all in all expensive but good wine... worth checking out if you're trying to impress a date.

$$$ Bring your credit card
Waiters- some are cute and 1 was definitely not of the normal mind set...
Crowd- dates, groups celebrating and families

P.S. There is a fancy little wine bar difficultly located atop some treacherous stairs.

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