Thursday, January 29, 2009

The two apostrophes in O'Niell's make me nervous.

Love of my life Mista G did a nice job expressing our notes on O'Niell's. But I feel they are worthy of being posted in their original form.

Overall O'Neill's Happy Hour Grade (HHG): C-


  1. This is very helpful.

    I generally share everyone's opinions w/r/t O'Niell's (especially the two apostrophes thing). The food is mediocre, the drink specials are not all that special, and the crowd is generally pretty boring.

    Unfortunately, it's within walking distance of my house, which does increase its appeal. Good for a nightcap when you're craving some obscure bourbon that you're too poor to afford an entire bottle of. Also, the patio does up the appeal and also seems to bring out the younger crowd, too.