Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm backkkk...with some haikus

After a few beers and a dare to write a haiku using an f-bomb, I created this masterpiece. Not only does it fit the proper 5-7-5 format but it also describes the number 1 reason for attending happy hour. 
The topic for the previous haiku was the happy hour clientele. I mean, we've all had our fair share of uncomfortable encounters at happy hour so I wanted to warn our readers that they wont know what to expect. We want to keep our fellow happy hour enthusiasts around. If you refer back to our blog from O'Niels, we discuss some of the interesting characters we have ran across. 

Sorry but you are going to have to turn your head for that one. I tried forever (like 10 mins) to get it formatted correctly, but that is all I was able to do :( Anyways, one of the great reasons to know where to go for happy hour is because of the wonderful dinner specials. For example, Monte Vista has $1 enchiladas on Wednesdays. That's a steal! Cant beat happy hour dinner prices. Unfortunately, it isn't like tapas in Spain where you get tapa (appetizer) when you order a beer, but hey it is the next best thing! 

Last year after I was published in the alibi's yearly haiku edition, spenatalie, mirevj and I were standing in line at Imbibe. We have had numerous terrible experiences there and never understand why anyone would want to go there. Anyways, we had an epiphany. Lets write haikus about how much Imbibe sucks. As spenatalie stated earlier, that night is what encouraged our haiku happy hour. So after months of preparation, I created the above haiku in honor of Imbibe's lameness.

Moral of this bloggg: haiku's and happy hours go together like glasses and tap beer. Also, Imbibe sucks. 

It hasn't happened before, but I would like to give you, our loyal readers, a homework assignment. Write a haiku or two and post it as a comment. You probably forgot how much fun they are!

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  1. i cannot believe
    that no readers have posted
    any great haikus