Saturday, March 28, 2009

Absence and Phoenix Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (for the 505 of course)

A small trip to another city will surely either make you wish you lived there or make you miss home. My latest adventure took me to Phoenix, Arizona. Yes Phoenix is a great place full of wonderful shopping, great sports and fun things to do but the whole time we were there we received terrible customer service and ate overpriced food.
Thus, coming back to my favorite Albuquerque hang out was a fresh cool breeze after a hot, rude Phoenix experience.

Walking into the Monte Vista is sure to make you feel better right away. 99% of the time you know at least 1 person who is there, there's a great food and drink special for that night and on Fridays you'll probably get to see a great local band.

The great drinks, amazing people and yummy food make me realize why this city (and Monte Vista) always makes me want to come back.

Angelo- trying out the new Aha Toro Margarita

Faith, Arlene and me enjoying a Monte Vista evening
I missed you 505!

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